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Here is the real way to manifest money and what nobody else is willing to share with you!

Today I’m going to share with you the exact algorithm that you can use to manifest money every single time. This is the real stuff that you really need, most people struggle when it comes to manifesting more money through the law of attraction.

In this article, I’m going to give you the Exact Four-Steps Process you can use to manifest money every single time. This is what I call “the algorithm to wealth” and it’s basically like a life hack where you’ll never struggle to manifest money again. So let’s get into it but before we do be sure to check my book on kindle and write a review if you really want to train your mind to manifest money.

Are you ready to drastically change the way you manifest money?

Then let’s get into the First step so number one in this algorithm is to remove the resistance that sounds simple enough right?

But unfortunately, most people don’t know the amount of resistance they have around money, and this is the reason they struggle to manifest money, can’t keep money in their bank account, and go into overdraft, or can’t manifest big amounts of money or win in the next opportunity.

it’s all because they have resistance around it. Whether you realize it or not and you might be sitting there saying I don’t have resistance, how would I?! why would I want to have resistance around money?!

I’m not saying you want resistance around money, but whether you believe it or not you have thoughts and beliefs about money, and changing these thoughts and beliefs takes some deep mindset work so how do you remove resistance how do you go about doing that so that you can get to that secret wealth algorithm?

So let’s move to the Second step, here’s what to do…

Think about whatever it is, you intend to manifest, think about whatever amount, think about what you want money-wise, and let’s get clear on why you want that money?

And no it’s not for all the surface things, it’s not because you want to go buy a new bag or buy some clothes. That’s not the real reason.

The real reason is by simply asking yourself these questions:

What would having that money provide for you?

Is it the freedom to go buy those things? Is it support?

Is it relief what will money provide for you?

what will this amount provide for you?

And now that you know the essence of what this thing will provide. Get clear on your thoughts and beliefs about your ability to have it and I guarantee that you’re going to find some sort of resistance journal on it.

Get clear on it but make sure you truly follow through with this step because unless you do this you can’t get to step two, and I’m telling you this wealth algorithm works every single time, but you have to put in the work.

Most people struggle to manifest money because they aren’t willing to do this work, so don’t be one of those people who are not clear on their resistance. Get clear on all of the fears you have about money, maybe you’re scared to have a certain amount because you’re scared you may lose it or maybe you believe that you can’t make enough money or maybe you believe that money can only flow through your job which is not true by the way.

Allow money to flow to you through all sources. This is a belief that changed my life when I started opening myself up and believing that money came to me from all different sources I started getting random money from different sources and deposited it into different accounts.

when you truly hold the belief that money can flow to you from all different sources and truly believe it, that’s what you’ll start seeing in your reality. So play around with that belief but you got to really believe it.

So write down this resistance and when you think you’ve got it, dig a little bit deeper and dig a little bit deeper and dig a little bit deeper, it’s like the layers of an onion, just keep peeling and peeling away until you truly understand all of the resistance that you have.

And now that you have it on paper and you can see all of it written down. I want you to go through each thing and decide why it’s not true and form a new thought and keep thinking this new thought until you form a new belief so it’s basically like cleansing your soul and making room for you to be able to receive,  get rid of all the resistance stopping you from having what you want but truly do this work step number two in this wealth algorithm by setting your intention which doesn’t mean to just state the amount of money you want, you have to state your intention behind wanting this money.

Write down all of the ways you would use this money, write down all of the freedom it would give you whatever you chose as your essence for why you want this money, and write down your story in the present tense of how you would feel what you would do, what you would spend it on, what your life would be like if you have this money. you could do this through scripting or journaling or whatever way works for you

So let us recap, step number one remove your resistance & step number two set your intention, and just get clear on what this would provide for you and once you’re here it leads you right into step number three which is to feel the feelings completely a lot of people struggle with this because they get too much in their head and they sit there and try to force these feelings and try to force feeling good, and when you’re doing that it’s not going to get you anywhere you’re literally just blocking yourself from having it.

when you truly do this work and feel the feelings, it should feel so good that you don’t need to keep coming back and trying so hard it should not feel like trying and to feel the feelings there are no rules about how this has to look, you can visualize or meditate or do what works best for you. 

The way I approach manifesting is not a one-size-fits-all approach, everybody has their unique learning type, everybody has the way they view the world, and everybody has their own personality and the way they handle and process their feelings. So the right thing that’s going to work for you is whatever feels best to you, if you want to feel the feelings, what is the best way that you can drop into that? what’s the best way that you can access that power feel the feelings completely but just make sure you’re not forcing it or trying too hard?

These feelings don’t have to be like a happy joyous crazy energy, these feelings can be gratitude, these feelings can bring up emotions, these feelings can make you cry or laugh or smile, that could be anything by the way just allow yourself to have the experience and see what flows through you without judgment.

You’re a unique individual so allow yourself to process your feelings about having this in the way that works best for you.  And FINALLY, on step four which activates all of the work you’ve done so far, I’m telling you this step connects all of the dots which is knowing and trusting that it’s yours and while this sounds like the most simple step, this is where you’re going to find the most struggle I can guarantee it, because I’ve been there before there’s a difference between saying..

“Okay I know and trust it’s mine and then going back and continuing to live your life the same and think the same things and believe the same things and live your life in the same way”


“Truly decide that it’s yours and then you really have to start thinking those thoughts and believing those things and living your life in a different way.” 

If you continue to do the same things over and over again you’re going to continue to get the same results so when I say know and fully trust that it’s yours, you have to get to the point where you have complete and unwavering faith that whatever you set that intention for is going to show up.

It’s only a matter of when you don’t even need to think or worry about it or spend another second of your life wondering where it is or anything like that but here’s the funny thing your brain is programmed for wanting something immediately and setting timelines and wanting to see evidence of something to truly believe it’s there but you have to retrain and reprogram your brain that just because you don’t see immediate evidence doesn’t mean it didn’t work.

When you truly come from that place of complete and total and unwavering faith you’re not going to need to see immediate evidence of it because you know it’s already yours you know it’s only a matter of time until you show up and it doesn’t matter when or how or anything like that,  you have to let go of the control as hard as it is and if you find yourself struggling to let go of that control notice that that’s resistance notice that you’re focusing on which is lack or needing money and that’s honestly going to repel it from you when you can trust and know and have complete and unwavering faith that the money is going to show up and you truly believe it will change your thoughts and beliefs in such a powerful way and it has no choice but to manifest I’m seriously telling you it has no choice but to manifest.

You truly have to know and trust and believe that no matter what that this is already yours, it’s a part of your life and it’s only a matter of time until it shows up. 

This is a step that most people are going to miss as they’re going to be like oh this doesn’t work.

But you know what?

I said I would give you the algorithm to manifest money and wealth, I didn’t say it would be easy, so truly do this work and know that an unwavering faith doesn’t support deadlines as many people try to frantically manifest and put deadlines on things but I highly recommend not putting deadlines on things until you’ve really become an expert at your manifesting process.

I used to put deadlines on things all the time and when it came and went I’d be like “oh it didn’t work, the law of attraction doesn’t work, I need to try harder, I need to do this, I need to do that and try this”

When you get into that place not only are you going to exhaust yourself but you’re also going to block yourself from having it because you’re trying to manifest based on the fact that you don’t have it yet and when you do that you’re blocking yourself from having it.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and so many people are stuck in this over and over again.

It gets me so fired up because once I learn this everything completely changed for me and I’m gonna help you make this change too. 

So the way you know that you completed step four is that you know and trust it so fully and so deeply that you don’t care, and you already know it’s yours. So you don’t care, you wouldn’t ask for something you already have because you already have it step number four is knowing you already have it.

It’s simply you’ve done the work and it’s going to show up while you don’t care when or how, that is where the real magic happens. Step number four is so crucial to this wealth algorithm.

So let’s Quickly recap these magical steps:

Step #1 Remove Resistance.

Step #2 Set Your Intention.

Step #3 Feel The Feelings Completely.

Step # 4 Know And Fully Trust That It’s Yours No Matter What And Stop Caring So Much And Let It Go.

Finally, I want to tell you that the letting go part is the hardest part, I could tell you from experience as I still struggle with this, because when you really want something you have such a strong emotional attachment to it but most importantly you have to trust that when you do this work I discussed you lay the foundation and you just have to let it go, because it’s already yours and you don’t have to ask for it anymore. Does that make sense? => If You Really Want To Train Your Mind On The Wealth Algorithm, Check this book Out!

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