When it comes to speeding up the manifestation process, you should follow a few simple steps.

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Everyone would love to learn how to attract their desires a lot faster.

First you must learn to understand the universal laws and how they work.

Its’ a fact of life that our very existence depends on our understanding of how the universe works.

Lack of understanding it’s laws will always leads to frustration.

The law of attraction is one step of many laws.

There are many secrets to allowing the law of attraction to work at its optimal level to bring us our desire.

Here are THREE STEPS everyone should master when applying the law of attraction.

Step 1: Gratitude – Be grateful for where you are.

Even when your life seems difficult and frustrating you can begin to see all the good that you presently have.

You cannot transcend a situation that you resist.

The moment you begin to look at your present condition with acceptance and gratitude you are better able to shift and make changes.

Step 2: Focus – How much focus are you giving to your desire.

You must learn the correct way to focus your thoughts even when you are bombarded by your everyday worries.

The more focus you give to your creating, the more energy is directed to it. Focus does not mean worry.

As you may know when you worry you active the law of attraction to give you more circumstances that bring greater worry.

Step 3: Embrace the New – Find as many things as you can which stimulate you.

New activities bring you and your own energy to wider and greater possibilities.

When you move through your everyday activities you are moving through the same old way of thinking.

Have you ever noticed that entering your work place can immediately get you to think in a particular way?

As you shift your awareness to what is new and joyful you expand.

Your breathing changes your mind changes and your attraction moves into a higher gear.

The results then are faster and more explosive.

The mind and body are like a battery, the more you feed it higher thoughts and feeling the stronger and

more powerful it will be.

Are you happy with the way your life is presently going? What are you willing to do to fully understand the law of attraction?

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