Here’s How To Meditate When Manifesting What You Desire.. But first of all.

Do you picture yourself in yoga clothes on the top of a mountain with your legs crossed when you just think about meditating?

If so, you are not alone. Many people who have the desire to meditate think there is some master skill, loads of time and some secret talent to it. Meditating can be as simple or as complex as you choose it to be.

Mediation has many benefits. Meditation can clear your mind. It can bring you a sense of inner calm and peace that will find its way into your outer life.

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Some people swear by its healing powers to calm the nervous system and heal many areas of their life from body to mind and spirit. How does meditation work when manifesting though?

Here’s how it works…

Becoming Silent
Millions of people meditate to become silent. They have discovered that by being silent, they can quiet their minds from a busy and hectic week. Meditation offers so much more than just calming you down from a busy week though. Meditation done during the early morning hours can offer the benefit of keeping you calm and preparing you for what’s ahead rather than a fix after the fact.

So, why is becoming silent so important when manifesting? Because you need to clear out the old before you can create the new. If you want to manifest something new, meditating is the fastest and best method to clear out the old clutter that doesn’t serve you.

When you practice meditation enough, you will learn to get to that quiet space. It doesn’t happen right away so be prepared for a lot of busyness to go on as your ego and subconscious mind fight for their slot in the spotlight. It takes a lot of practice so be patient, but the rewards are worth it.

Make your Declaration
Once you have quieted your mind, make a declaration of what you wish to see if your manifesting techniques. For example, “I will manifest a relationship that will serve my highest good.”
Make certain to make your declaration in the positive sense; not I wish or I want, but I will or I am. Doing this during meditation while you are relaxed will set the vibration of certainty that you will manifest this.

Be Specific
When you are setting your intention, don’t just say that you want something good to happen. Be specific, place your order. Declare that you want to manifest a raise and a promotion. Practice your declaration out loud with each in breath you take. I am creating a promotion while you breath in and feel into the satisfaction of this wish coming true as you breath out.

Be Grateful
With a quiet mind you can make your declaration and thereafter become as grateful as you can. Recall a memory or a time when you did manifest something truly awesome. Feel the gratitude, recall the memory as you pull it up from the depths of your subconscious. Close your eyes and smile.

Incorporate that feeling of gratitude with the feeling and desire of your new wish. Don’t make yourself wrong, don’t second guess, don’t question it. Be grateful and excited because you know you will manifest something wonderful very soon.